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This allows people seeking a therapist to get a taste for who we are and our style of therapy, straight from the experience of someone who has known us as a therapist.


Working with Matthew is one of the most life changing events in my life. My perspective in life have changed for the better and Matthew helped me develop skills to overcome my anxieties and better protect myself which I would be grateful for for the rest of my life. Any trauma that the pandemic have brought is now managed and dissipated. To some extent, I owe him my life and I couln’t recommend a better therapist than him. 🖤


I honestly think he is fantastic at what he does! No judgement, just understanding and caring, and passionate about helping ANYONE no matter how little or big your problem. He has helped me feel calm at ease and most importantly see things in a different way.


We found Matthew by chance, at a time when our sixteen year old son was at an incredibly low point in terms of his mental health. Matthew arranged a first appointment with our son in order to establish whether he felt he could help, and also whether our son would be comfortable and happy to continue. Since then, he has had regular sessions and Matthew has made an incredible difference. From his lowest point our son now feels positive about his life and future and we cannot thank Matthew enough. He has also put measures in place to prevent or deal with any future issues, should they arise. We would absolutely, 100% recommend Matthew and his services.


I started my therapy journey with Matthew in the summer of 2022 after experiencing anxiety and intrusive thoughts which resurfaced during a spring holiday. I had not fully understood the origin of my thoughts and feelings for many years due to life’s pressures and the pandemic.


Matthew facilitated my recovery and he is a compassionate, understanding and empathetic therapist and who delivers online CBT therapy in a professional, non-judgmental and supportive manner. Matthew and I mapped out my recovery in a gradual way through a combination of CBT exercises and personalized materials. I left therapy with Matthew in a better place with the CBT tools and personal relapse prevention manual to support my self-care and mental wellbeing going forward. I would highly recommend Matthew who is a straightforward, insightful and caring therapist.


Amazing, very likeable person and very understanding. :)


Matthew was my teenage son's online therapist for anxiety and I highly recommend him. He had a great rapport with him and I know my son looked forward to speaking to him each week. Within 3 months he managed to get my son to open up, understand his anxiety and to hone tools to manage it for which I will be forever grateful.

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